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Vertical Pumps


The Corode vertical pumps have a pump housing and impeller which are made entirely of plastic and are fitted as standard with a pre-strainer and an one-piece drive shaft. The pump housings have been designed in such a way that a liquid seal is created in the pump housing. As a result there is no need for a mechanical seal and no frictional heat is caused. This means the pump will never run dry nor break down if the pump runs without liquid being pumped. The suction tube can be extended on request. All this together makes the pump suitable for pumping round process liquids and for the complete pumping out of the process tank.

Specific Applications

The Corode vertical pumps are assembled together with a PP or PVDF pump housing. The fact that liquids only come into contact with plastic makes this immersion pump ideally suited for the pumping of chemical and corrosive liquids.