The Corode MAG pumps offer a safe way of pumping chemical and corrosive liquids through a closed pump housing without shaft seal. The pump housing is constructed entirely from PP of PVDF. As a result the medium being pumped does not come into contact with metal, meaning that the pump head is resistant to corrosion.

The Corode MAG pumps are fitted as standard with a 3Ph 230-400V motor. All our MAG-40 pumps are fitted with a IE3 motor.

The MAG-40 pumps are available with a PP or PVDF pump head. The shaft and the bearings are ceramic.

PP pump head: maxium liquid temperature is 0-60ºC.
PVDF pump head: maxium liquid temperature is 0-90ºC.

Technical specs

Material available:       PP of PVDF
O-ring:                          EPDM of Viton
Max. flow:                    34m³/h
Max. head:                   25m
Max. temperature:       PP 60ºC; PVDF 90ºC
Max. viscosity:            200 cSt
Motor1:                3kW, 400-690V, 5,7/3,3Amp, 3Ph, 50Hz, IP55