Corode offers a complete range of plastic (PP and PVDF) pump and filter systems which can be used in all kinds of industrial processes. The Corode pumps and filter systems are extremely suitable for the pumping, recirculation, degreasing and purifying/filtering of waste water flows, chemical and corrosive liquids or other industrial fluids at temperatures of between -20°C and 120°C.

The Corode filter units are constructed from PP or PVDF filter housings finished in 316 stainless steel. Liquids only come into contact with the selected plastic. This makes the filter unit suitable for the filtering and degreasing of liquids with chemical, corrosive and caustic properties, or other industrial liquids.

Corode can offer you a multitude of filter media for the filtering and purifying of chemical liquids. The filter media delivery programme consists of: filter cartridges, filter paper, filter bags and absorption yarn for degreasing purposes.


The Corode CPMD magnetic drive centrifugal pumps are a safe way of pumping chemical and corrosive liquids through a closed pump housing without shaft seal. The pump housing is constructed entirely from PP and PVDF.


The Corode MAG magnetic drive centrifugal pumps can be delivered from stock with a maximum pumping capacity of 1m³/h up to and including 30m³/h. Larger pump capacities are available on request.

The Corode vertical pumps have a pump housing and impeller which are made entirely of plastic and are fitted as standard with a pre-strainer and a one-piece drive shaft.


The Corode seal pumps are extremely suitable for pumping chemical and highly corrosive liquids containing small particles.