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Corode unit with magnetic drive pump CPMD-04. This combination is equipped with an on/off switch and an air release and drain valve.

Specific adaptations


  • Filter housing in PP or PVDF: 10'', 20''
  • Stainless steel 316 metal parts.
  • PP filter housing: maximum liquid temperature in the case of PP is 80ºC.
  • PVDF filterhuis: maximum liquid temperature in case of PVDF is 100ºC.

Filter media

CF04..M will be delivered with cartridge or filterpaper.


  • Dry run protector
  • Hand priming pump
  • Transport wheels
  • Precoat tank PP

Technical Specs

Q max:            3.7m3/h
Q min:             0.6m3/h
Pompkop:       PP of PVDF
Motor 1:          0.12kW, 400V, 0.76/0.44Amp, 3Ph, 50Hz, IP55
Motor 2:          0.12kW, 230V, 1.1Amp, 1Ph, 50Hz, IP55

Other voltage options and 60Hz available on request.