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Filter Paper

Corode can offer you a multitude of filter media for the filtering and purifying of chemical liquids. The filter media delivery programme consists of: filter cartridges, filter paper, filter bags and absorption yarn for degreasing purposes.

Filter Paper:

Corode filter paper can be used in many industrial applications for the filtration of liquid flows. The filtration of industrial liquids firstly extends the lifecycle of these products. This is not only a costeffective exercise, it then brings secondary advantages by creating your process to be more ecologically lean, which in-turn makes it a more sustainable process solution.

The filtration of process liquids ensures the continuous delivery of a high-level product. Meeting the exact quality & demands for your own & customers’ requirements. Corode filtration paper is a surface filtration. The surface filtration properties are exceptionally suited
when there is an influx of mechanical contamination with equal sized microns. The selection of material consists of the following: paper, active carbon and monofilament PP.

To review the technical applications possible, kindly refer to the Corode filter pumps documentation or contact our technical sales department.

Filter Paper 300x200


Waste water treatment
Surface treatment
Plating treatment
Chemical filtration
Industrial filtration
Petrochemicals filtration

Additional information:

Max. differential pressure 2.5 Bar
Pressure based on water 20°C