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            Our Mechanic Seal Pumps are extremely suitable for pumping chemical and highly corrosive liquids containing small particles. Particularly in conjunction with liquids containing metal particles and/or residues.

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Corode Meltblown filter cartridges are engineered products, which are in compliance to conduct filter applications within the chemical and process industries. The implementation of Corode filter cartridges within your operational process brings several advantages. For example, the life cycle of your chemical or corrosive liquid used within your application are prolonged, this has a direct cost saving effective on your business.

Continuously filtering the process chemicals or corrosive liquids, delivers a better high-end quality result for your customer.

The strength and structure of the injected Polypropylene foam gives a long guarantee of permeability in microns. The cartridges are available in various lengths and come standardly delivered with DOE connections.

To review the technical applications possible, kindly refer to the Corode filter pumps documentation
or contact our technical sales department.

Meltblown 1
Meltblown shadow 300x200