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            Our Mechanic Seal Pumps are extremely suitable for pumping chemical and highly corrosive liquids containing small particles. Particularly in conjunction with liquids containing metal particles and/or residues.

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Activated Carbon

Corode's activated carbon block is made from impregnated coconut charcoal. This composition makes the activated carbon cartridge extremely suitable for applications in (chemical) waste streams
and process liquids.

Activated carbon purifies liquids from dissolved substances. These waste materials can consist of colourants and fragrances, (harmful) organism and biological pollution.
The areas of application include water purification plants or purifying internal process fluids.

Activated carbon is widely used in the chemical and process industry, agriculture and horticulture and in the agricultural sector. Before treating them with activated carbon, it is important to make liquids free from suspended particles as much as possible. The coarse floating particles will contaminate the activated carbon and
cause it to quickly lose its effect.

The degree of removal of active organisms from liquids strongly depends on the amount of molecular contamination, molecule size and the viscosity of the liquid.

Corode offers many applications of activated carbon in combination with a Corode filter pump. To review the technical applications possible, kindly refer to the Corode filter pumps documentation or contact our technical sales department.

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