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Filter Cartridges

Corode can offer you a multitude of filter media for the filtering and purifying of chemical liquids. The filter media delivery programme consists of: filter cartridges, filter paper, filter bags and absorption yarn for degreasing purposes.

Filter cartridges:

The wound and melt blown filter cartridges are deep filter elements.

  • The wound filter cartridges are suitable for absorbing large quantities of contamination and therefore have a long standing time while retaining good flow. Available with a PP or stainless steel core wrapped with PP or polyester or fitted with active carbon.
  • Dimensions: 5”, 10”, 20” 40” microns: 1 to 200
  • Melt blown cartridges are suitable for the pure filtering of process fluids. The stable and robust structure of the filter cartridge allows the correct filtering of particles equal to, or larger than, the chosen number of microns. The cartridges are manufactured from sprayed PP fibres with or without internal core.
  • Dimensions: 5”, 10”, 20” 40” microns: 1 to 200
  • Activated Carbon Block Cartridge is made from impregnated coconut charcoal. This composition makes the activated carbon cartridge extremely suitable for applications in (chemical) waste streams and process liquids).


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