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            Our Mechanic Seal Pumps are extremely suitable for pumping chemical and highly corrosive liquids containing small particles. Particularly in conjunction with liquids containing metal particles and/or residues.

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Filter Bag

Corode can offer you a multitude of filter media for the filtering and purifying of chemical liquids. The filter media delivery programme consists of: filter cartridges, filter paper, filter bags and absorption yarn for degreasing purposes.

Filter Bag:

Filter bags can be used to filter slightly contaminated, chemical and corrosive liquids. The filter bags are extremely suitable for capturing severe mechanical contamination from process
liquids. You can think of metal cutting parts, paint flakes, organic pollution, etc. The bags are made of Polypropylene with a Polypropylene sealing ring. The filter bags are manufactured with flexible and solid joints of the seams. Even with heavily
polluted filter bags, the filter bags remain intact.

The filter bags are standard available in Ø180x400mm and Ø180x800mm, in different μ. In combination with a Corode filter pump or a Corode pre-filter, you can keep your process fluid
clean and protect your mechanical parts and equipment (pumps, plate changers, cutters, etc.) against damage caused by contamination.

To review the technical applications possible, kindly refer to the Corode filter pumps documentation or contact our technical sales department.

Filterzak 300x200


Waste water treatment
Surface treatment
Plating treatment
Chemical filtration
Industrial filtration
Petrochemicals filtration

Additional information:

Max. differential pressure 1.5 Bar
Pressure based on water 20°C