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            Our Mechanic Seal Pumps are extremely suitable for pumping chemical and highly corrosive liquids containing small particles. Particularly in conjunction with liquids containing metal particles and/or residues.

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Customized Pumps and Filters for Chemical Liquids

With plastic (PP or PVDF) pumping and filtering systems the user can waste water flows, chemical and corrosive liquids or other industial liquids with temperatures from -20ºC to 120ºC. For instance, Corode supplies a whole range of filter units for recirculation, degreasing and purifying / filtering of such media.

The filter units may also known as filter pumps can be used to filter process liquids in order to make them more durable. The liquids only come into contact with the selected plastic, such as PP and PVDF. This explains why the filter units are suitable for filtering and degreasing liquids with chemical and corrosive substances.

Customer specific

The filter housings are assembled in consultation with the customer. The optimum choice of filter media depends on the liquids to be filtered. The range of filter units varies from a filter unit 10’’ with a pump capacity of 1 m³/h to a Corode Jumbo filter unit 20’’ and a pump capacity of 50 m³/h.

The production is done entirely in-house so that a standard filter unit can be adjusted to the wishes of the customer if necessary. The choice for the media consists of: filter cartridges, filter paper, filter bags and absorption fiber. Which filter media you can use is depending of the purpose.

Pump program

The pump program consists of:

  • Plastic Centrifugal Pumps Magnetically coupled in PP or PVDF.
  • Plastic Vertical Pump in PP or PVDF.
  • Plastic Mechanical Seal Pumps in PP.

Specific adjustments regarding the motor, connection grommets or other components will be offered in consultation with Corode.

The magnetically coupled pumps offer a safe solution for pumping chemical and corrosive liquids thanks to their closed pump housing without a shaft seal. The magnetic pumps can be delivered directly from our own stock with a maximum capacity of 1 m³/h to 50 m³/h. Pumps with a higher capacity are of course also available on a special request.

Our vertical pumps have a pump housing and impeller made entirely of plastic and are fitted as standard with a pre-filter and a drive shaft.

The pump housings are designed in such a way that a fluid seal is created in the pump housing. This eliminated the need for a mechanical seal and creates no frictional heat. This makes the pump insensitive for running dry and the pump will not defect.

The suction pipe can also be extended upon request. All this together makes the pump suitable for circulating process liquids and for completely draining the process tank. There is no need to use a second pump for the various operations. The insertion pumps are available with a capacity from 2 m³/h to 45 m³/h. 

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